Women in Physics and Women in Physics+

Yale Women in Physics

We are an undergraduate student organization that undertakes a number of initiatives to support women and gender minorities in STEM, especially in the physical sciences. We serve the Yale community by hosting lunches, talks, mentoring programs, and social events. All are welcome to join us for our Tuesday night study halls! (Location TBA).

2022-2023 board:

Co-President: Katerina Kargioti (katerina.kargioti@yale.edu)
Co-President: Melanie King (melanie.king@yale.edu)
Outreach Chair: Sally Jiang (sally.jiang@yale.edu)
Projects Chair: Julia Levy (julia.levy@yale.edu)
Treasurer: Olivia Aspegren (olivia.aspegren@yale.edu)
Assistant Treasurer: Sofia Fausone (sofia.fausone@yale.edu)
Community Liaison: Anavi Uppal (anavi.uppal@yale.edu)
Mentorship Chair: Juliana Karp (juliana.karp@yale.edu)
Study Hall Chair: Elsa Durcan (elsa.durcan@yale.edu)
Graduate Liaison: Sumita Ghosh (sumita.ghosh@yale.edu)
Graduate Liaison: Samantha Pagan (samantha.pagan@yale.edu)

Faculty Advisor

Reina Maruyama (reina.maruyama@yale.edu)


Yale Women in Physics +

Yale Graduate Women in Physics+ is focused on fostering a supportive environment for underrepresented genders in the Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy departments. We coordinate mentoring and social events for graduate students, post-docs, research scientists, and faculty. The group and many events are open to all allies in the department, from whom we welcome support for our initiatives.


Chair - Emma Castiglia (emma.castiglia@yale.edu)
Events Chair - Hannah Bossi (hanna.bossi@yale.edu)
Social Chair - Rachel Cooper (rachel.a.cooper@yale.edu)
Advocacy Chairs - Samantha Pagan (samantha.pagan@yale.edu) and Ava Polzin, astronomy department member (ava.polzin@yale.edu)

Faculty Advisor

Simon Mochrie (simon.mochrie@yale.edu)