Yale Quantum Institute Fellowship

Position Description: 

The Yale Quantum Institute (YQI), founded in 2014, serves as a forum to bring together experimental and theoretical researchers at Yale in the field of quantum information physics, quantum optics and nanophotonics, optomechanics, mesoscopic physics, quantum control, quantum measurement, and quantum many-body physics. It provides a synergistic and collaborative setting for Yale’s cutting edge research in these fields. A recent report from University Science Strategy Committee identified quantum science as one of Yale’s top priorities and recommends the expansion of existing Yale quantum efforts at a scale that will attract international attention and place Yale in a position of broad intellectual leadership.

Physics Faculty in YQI

Sean Barrett
Meng Cheng
Steven Girvin
Leonid Glazman
Jack Harris
Karsten Heeger
Reina Maruyama
David Moore
Nir Navon
Nicholas Read
R. Shankar

Job type: 
Prize Postdoctoral Fellowships

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