Yale Society of Physics Students (SPS)


The Society of Physics Students at Yale is a registered undergraduate organization dedicated to serving the physics community. Yale SPS hosts weekly study sessions (lovingly dubbed “pizza and pset night”) as well as biweekly dinners with students and physics faculty. We also organize bi-annual prize lectures where distinguished physicists are invited to speak and spend the day with undergraduate students. Additionally, the Society of Physics Students serves as a platform for mentorship and community-building – we host social events, and maintain a variety of resources and student-oriented help guides on our website. Yale SPS works very closely with the Physics Department, the Student Advisory Committee for Physics, and the department-elected peer mentors.

Finally, Yale SPS is a chapter of the national Society of Physics Students, as well as a member organization of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) since 1998. We thus provide students access to AIP memberships and associated benefits, such as journal/magazine access and information about scholarships.

Current officers

Co-Presidents: Aaron Chizhik and Andrew Nupp
Vice President: Robin Tsai
Treasurer: Henry Kaplan
Outreach Chairs: Ryan Bose-Roy and Ethan Martinez
Website and Media Developer: Jerry Li
Prize Lecture Chair: Max Watzky
Liason to National SPS/Sigma Pi Sigma Liason: Nikita Mazotov
DEI Liaison: Maddi Brown
Physics Community Coordinators:  Anh-Thai  Le and  Matthew Balestier

Faculty Advisor

Sarah Demers