Faculty and Student Ambassadors


Daisuke Nagai, Director of Graduate Studies for Physics, Professor of Physics
Helen Caines, Director of Graduate Admissions for Physics, Professor of Physics
Rona Ramos, Graduate Program Coordinator
Stacey Watts, Graduate Registrar in Physics
Karsten Heeger, Chair of Physics Department, Professor of Physics

Yale Physics Faculty Directory


Corey O’Hern, Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Simon Mochrie, Professor of Physics
Ben Machta, Assistant Professor of Physics
Thierry Emonet, Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Alison Sweeney, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and of Physics

PEB Faculty Directory

Graduate Student Ambassadors

Aaron Greenberg, Condensed Matter Experiment
Interests: Archery, ultimate frisbee, cooking + baking, gaming

Allison Culbert, Biophysics/PEB
Interests: WiP+

Ananya Rai, Particle Experiement, Particle Theory

Andrew Neely, Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics
Interests: QuArk, WIP+, Local 33

Aniket Maiti , Applied Physics, Quantum Information
Interests: GSAC, soccer, hiking

Asheesh Momi, Biophysics/PEB

Ben Siegel, Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics
Interests: OpenLabs Science Outreach

Braedyn AuBiophysics
Interests: Physics Happy Hour Coordinator, GSAC Committee Member, Wu Tsai Institute Communications Fellow

Caitlin Gish, Biophysics/PEB
Interests: WIP+, Science Outreach, Art, Dancing, Rock Climbing, Cats!

Chitres Guria, Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics

Claire Laffan, Particle Experiement
Interests: Video games, embroidery, cats

David Carcamo, Particle Theory

Derek Sherry, Biophysics/PEB

Devon Finlay, Biophysics/PEB

Emily Pottebaum, Particle Experiement
Interests: WiP+, QuARK, Dungeons & Dragons

Gabriel G. T. Assumcao, Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics
Interests: Sci-fi novels, Hiking, Yale Philharmonia, and Yale Repertory Theater

Gautham Gopinath, Biophysics/PEB

Glenn Richardson, Nuclear Experiement

Gregory Penn, Particle Experiement
Interests: Climbing, free travel during phd

Harper Cho, Biophysics/PEB
Interests: GSA, WIP+

Jesse Farr, Particle Experiement
Interests: WiP, QuArK, softball, climbing

Joseph Shomar, Biophysics
Interests: Sports (playing and watching), board games, video games

Joy Pajarla, Biophysics
Interests: WIP, running, podcasts, puzzles, reading, cooking

Naomi Gluck, Astrophysics, Cosmology
Interests: Art, music (performance and composition)

Navya Uberoi, Astrophysics, Cosmology
Interest: Hiking, learning languages, trivia

Nathan Suri, Particle Experiment
Interests: Literary arts (poetry/short story writing), board games, cycling

Rohin McIntosh, Applied Physics, Quantum Information, Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics, Biophysics, PEB
Interests: Yale Citations, Yale Camerata

Sven Witthaus, Biophysics/PEB

Sylvi Stoller, Biophysics/PEB
Interests: Art, plants, dancing, tennis, WIP

XJ Xu, Biophysics/PEB
Interests: Climbing

Yarone Tokayer, Astrophyics, Cosmology
Interests: History and Foundations of Physics Reading Group

Yilin Li, Applied Physics, Quantum Information, Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics

Yiqi Wang, Applied Physics, Quantum Information, Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics

Zachary Sun, Biophysics
Interests: Basketball, Theater/Drama, Flute, Ukulele, Gym, Tennis, Ping Pong, Poetry