Summer Research 2024-Sophia Hollick

For many years the DAMA signal has been debated as to whether or not it can be attributed to dark matter. Both COSINE-100 (located in Y2L, Korea) and ANAIS-112 (located in LSC, Spain) have sought to end the debate by making a model-independent test using the same target material as DAMA, NaI(Tl). While both have published their own analyses, this research seeks to perform a combined search using data from both experiments.

Sophia Hollick is a Yale Physics Ph.D. student, and a member of Yale’s Wright Lab.  Hollick has been living as a visiting researcher in Zaragoza, Spain since September 2023 to perform the combined dark matter search between COSINE-100 and ANAIS-112.  She will continue to reside there until her expected graduation in May 2025. Preliminary results reaching a 3 sigma sensitivity to DAMA are expected to release next month at IDM 2024.

group of people smiling.

This photo shows  Hollick’s colleagues at the underground lab in Canfranc (LSC) in Zaragoza. Those in the photo are (top left to right) Marisa Sarsa, Sophia Hollick, Susana Cebrián, Tamara Pardo, (lower left to right) Gloria Luzón, Jaime Apilluelo, Álvaro Ezquerro, and Theopisti Dafní. Image credit: