Ian Moult received the Wu-Ki Tung Award for Early-Career Research on QCD

February 13, 2024

Ian Moult, assistant professor of physics, and a member of Yale’s Wright Lab, has won the  Wu-Ki Tung Award for Early-Career Research on Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) for his “pioneering work on QCD energy correlators, including their all-orders factorization, multi-loop structure, phenomenological applications, and connections to conformal field theory”.

His work has focused on developing new theoretical techniques to improve our understanding of real world collider experiments, with applications in particle and nuclear physics. A number of the approaches he introduced were first demonstrated in measurements by Andrew Tamis and Ananya Rai in the heavy ion group of Helen Caines and Laura Havener at Wright Lab.

The Wu-Ki Tung award is to recognize outstanding contributions made by early-career physicists on experimental or theoretical research on QCD.


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