Laurie Shaw, Postdoctoral Associate, Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics, February “Green Light Employee”

April 1, 2011

Each month a Physics employee is selected at random and is asked questions regarding sustainability. This month, Laurie Shaw was asked about going green.

Q. The Physics Sustainability leaders have set a goal for Physics to reduce paper by 25%. How have you changed your daily usage of paper?

A.  I don’t waste paper by repeatedly printing the same documents on our network printer.

Q. The Physics Dept. is in the process of changing from water bottle coolers to bottleless water coolers. What do you think of that?

A.  I think it is a good idea; I like the taste of tap water.

Q. Do you participate in the teleconferencing in lieu of travel for in person participation when possible?

A. Yes, I have several telecons during the week. It reduces travel costs.

Q. Do you know that Yale Physics is participating in Recyclemania and the Sustainability Summit? If yes, what are you doing to help?

A.  No. I was not aware of it. (I explained the month of April we will have events coming up and to check the Sustainability webpage in Physics and Yale).

Q. What are you doing to reduce the energy used in the lab and office?

A. We have motion light sensors that turn off the lights. I turn the heat down in the winter. I have a flat screen monitor that uses less energy. In the summer I will bring in plants to help cool the office.

Q. How do you think Physics can improve sustainability?

A. Improving the heating system. Purchase new, more energy efficient, printers. Implement a “Name and Shame” scheme for tracking the misuse of the network printers by users that waste paper by repeatedly printing the same documents because they forget to retrieve them from the printer.