Physics Department announces new DGS and DUS

July 13, 2022

Summer time is the time for the changing of the guard.

Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)

After several years serving as DGS Bonnie Fleming is stepping down. She has overseen many changes to the graduate program during her tenure, the most challenging being the trials and tribulations of running an academic program during a panademic. In her words, “It’s been a wonderful experience to serve as the Director of Graduate students.  Working with our graduate students and helping and watching them succeed in their graduate careers and beyond has been enormously rewarding for me and I hope helpful to all of them. “

We introduce Daisuke Nagai who will be serving as DGS starting the 2022-2023 academic year. In his words, “I look forward to working with our diverse group of students, faculty, and staff to foster and create an inclusive environment that empowers us all - one that enables students to achieve their highest potential and promotes career success. My career (in academia) would not have been possible without the mentorship, encouragement and support I received during the formative years in graduate school and beyond. My advisors and colleagues’ belief in me has always inspired me to give back to others to whatever extent possible. To all graduate students and mentors: if you encounter any issues or feel that you can do better, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!”

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)

After several years serving as DUS Nikhil Padmanabhan is stepping down. He has overseen many changes to the undergraduate program including several new courses, the implementation of the degree audit system for tracking undergraduate students, and the trials and tribulations of running an academic program during a pandemic.

We introduce Sarah Demers wo will be serving as DUS starting the 2022-2023 academic year. In her words, “The physics department takes our educational mission very seriously, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to work more closely with the undergraduate major and the students who are interacting with our courses. I’ve started learning from Nikhil, and others who have been in the role of DUS, and while I have a lot to continue to learn I am looking forward to the work. 

In addition to making sure that students are receiving the course selection advice that they need and know how to navigate our requirements, I’m interested in what the undergraduate experience is like in our department and how we can become a more inclusive and welcoming space on campus. Physics is a challenging, but wonderful, discipline. I also wonder how accessible our major is, and whether or not students feel able to fully explore the discipline through our curriculum.”

Let us say “Thank you” to those leaving the post and “Welcome” to those coming in.