Daisuke Nagai

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Associate Professor of Physics and of Astronomy
EVN 307
+1 (203) 432-5370
Biographical Sketch: 

Daisuke Nagai is an Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Yale University. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in 2005. Before joining the faculty at Yale in 2008, he was a Sherman Fairchild Postdoctoral Scholar at the California Institute of Technology.  His work has been supported by NASA, NSF and Research Corporation, and they have been recognized with numerous awards.  He has also served as one of the inaugural academic co-directors of the Yale Center for Research Computing and the Chair of Physics and Data Science Task Force at Yale Physics Department.

Research : 

Professor Nagai’s research interests lie in the area of cosmology and astrophysics, specializing in theoretical and computational modeling of the structure formation of the Universe and its application to cosmology. His research group develops and uses theoretical and computational models of how galaxies and clusters of galaxies form and grow in the Universe starting from the Big Bang to today.

Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2005
Honors & Awards: 

Stephen Murray Distinguished Visiting Lectureship, Harvard CfA, 2018 
Cottrell Scholar Award, Research Corporation, 2012 
The IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Astrophysics, 2011

Selected Publications: