Welcome Graduate class of 2022!

July 20, 2022

We are pleased to welcome 27 new graduate students to our department and are looking forward to welcoming them to campus in the fall. The 2022 class of incoming students and their research interests include:

Igor Brandao Moreira (Atomic & Optical Physics), Pepijn de Maat (Particle Theory), Jesse Farr (Particle Experiment), Devon Finlay (Biological Physics), Gautham Gopinath (Condensed Matter Theory), Aaron Greenberg (Condensed Matter Experiment), Theophilus Human (Atomic & Optical Physics), HongJoon Kim (Condensed Matter Experiment), Matthew King (Particle Experiment), Claire Laffan (Particle Experiment), Runze Li (Particle Experiment), Yilin Li (Atomic & Optical Physics), Tony Liu (Nuclear Theory), Maya Moore (Particle Experiment), Andrew Neely (Atomic & Optical Physics), Emily Pottebaum (Particle Experiment), Gordon Rogelberg (Condensed Matter Theory), Max Schäfer (Quantum Information Physics), Carlton Smith (Biological Physics), Nathan Suri (Particle Experiment), Latavia Thompson (Biological Physics), Matthew Toledo Rozycki (Undecided (Physics)), Navya Uberoi (Astrophysics/Cosmology), Tyler Wang (Condensed Matter Experiment), Nicholas Weaver (Biological Physics), Xinze Yang (Condensed Matter Experiment), Qinyuan Zheng (Condensed Matter Theory)

We congratulate this year’s winner of the Wu Tsai Institute Fellowship: Carlton Smith. The WTI fellowship is offered to first-year graduate students interested in Cognitive Science and awards students with three years of stipend and additional financial support.

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