Adriane Steinacker

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Senior Lecturer in Physics
KT 421
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Prior to choosing a career in the physics and astronomy teaching, Dr. Steinacker worked at NASA Ames Research Center, and published research on space physics, planet formation, and the magnetohydrodynamics of accretion disks. She has taught a wide variety of undergraduate courses at all levels, ranging from the History of Astronomy to Astrobiology to Solar System Dynamics. She has also taught a course on Scientific Communication fro Physicists. Currently, she is teaching Yale’s Physics 180/181 sequence.

She received the UC Santa Cruz Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2007, the Ron Ruby Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2015, and Yale’s Poorvu Family Fund for Academic Innovation Award in 2019.

Beyond her professional life, Adriane is an avid swimmer and gardener.

Ph.D., Bonn University, Germany, 1995