Erin Kado-Fong

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YCAA Postdoctoral Fellow
KT 433
Research Areas: 
Extragalactic astronomy
Biographical Sketch: 

Before coming to Yale as a YCAA Fellow, I received my Ph.D. in Astrophysical Sciences from Princeton University in 2022. While at Princeton, I was a Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellow and a recipient of the 2021 Ohio State CCAPP Price Prize. I received my B.S. in Astrophysics from Tufts University in 2017, and grew up in Davis, California.

Research : 

My interests center mainly on studies of galaxy structure and formation, and especially on the role that environment and star formation play in shaping the evolution of low-mass “dwarf” galaxies. As an observational astronomer, my main area of technical expertise is in utilizing wide-field surveys to construct and study large samples of low-mass galaxies beyond the Local Volume

Ph.D. 2022, Princeton University
Meg Urry