Luyao Jiang

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Wells Fargo
Research Areas: 
Atomic Physics
Ph.D. Yale University, 2020
Thesis Advisor: 
Jack Harris
Dissertation Title: 
Nonreciprocal dynamics in a cryogenic optomechanical system
Dissertation Abstract: 

Nonreciprocity in various branches of physics has been studied for more than a century, e.g., from classical to quantum mechanics, and from particle to condensed matter. It is particularly interesting to consider nonreciprocal phenomenon in open (non-hermitian) systems. In this dissertation, I use a cryogenic cavity optomechanical system to demonstrate robust nonreciprocal interactions between two phononic resonators. The nonreciprocity, either transient or static, is realized via the cavity mediated optomechanical interaction.

I will start with a pedagogical introduction to nonreciprocity as well as non-hermiticity in physics, followed by a brief review of optomechanics and a theoretical derivation of the nonreciprocity in optomechanical systems. Then I will introduce our experimental realization of the optomechanical system, i.e., the membrane-in-the-middle setup. Next I will present the main result of this dissertation, which includes the experimental demonstration of both transient and static optomechanical nonreciprocity. I will conclude with a discussion of our on-going study of high order exceptional points (the degeneracy in multi-level open systems).

Degree Date: 
May, 2020