Mesut Arslandok

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Associate Research Scientist (Caines)
Research Areas: 
Experimental Nuclear Physics
Research : 

I have been involved in the ALICE experiment at CERN since 2010. My research covers many aspects of experimental heavy-ion physics such as detector physics and operation, software development, simulations and physics analysis.

I have been serving as the convener of the physics analysis group on even-by-event fluctuations since 2019, and carrying out several physics analyses on this field such as conserved charge, net-proton and particle ratio fluctuations. These analyses are expected to shed light on the understanding of an extreme phase of matter - called the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) - created in high-energy heavy-ion collisions. This primordial state of matter is thought to have existed for the first few millionths of a second after the Big Bang. The QGP created in these collisions undergoes a transition to the hadronic phase, after it expands and cools down. Event-by-event fluctuations are very sensitive to this phase transition, therefore it also plays a significant role within the energy scan programs of the CERN SPS and RHIC.

Moreover, as a member of the TPC (Time Projection Chamber) detector group, I have been taking part in the operation of the TPC and working on the calibration and optimization of the TPC particle identification (PID) performance in both MWPC (Multi-Wire Proportional Chambers) and GEM (Gas Electron Multiplier) based technologies. Furthermore, I am actively involved in the next-generation multi-purpose detector project at the LHC which is a follow-up to the present ALICE experiment (arXiv:1902.01211 [physics.ins-det]).


Ph.D. Goethe University, 2017
Selected Publications: 
  • M. Arslandok and A. Rustamov“TIdentity module for the reconstruction of the moments of multiplicity distributions” Nucl. Instrum. A946 (2019) 162622
  • Y. Kalkan, M. Arslandok, R. Veenhof et al.“Cluster ions in gas-based detectors” JINST 10 P07004 (2015)
  • M. Bluhm, M. Nahrgang, A. Kalweit, M. Arslandok et al.“Dynamics of critical fluctuations: Theory – phenomenol-ogy – heavy-ion collisions”Nucl. Phys. A1003, (2020) 122016
  • —–“Global baryon number conservation encoded in net-proton fluctuationsmeasured with ALICE at the CERN LHC”PLB 807 (2020) 135564
  • —–“Relative particle yield fluctuations in Pb–Pb collisions at√sNN=2.76TeV”Eur. Phys. J. C79 (2019) 236

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