Shruti Puri

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Assistant Professor of Applied Physics
Research Areas: 
Condensed Matter Physics; Quantum Physics
Research Type: 
Current Projects: 

Quantum error correction when the noise is biased, Scalable fault-tolerant quantum error correction with bosonic qubits

Research : 

Theory of quantum information processing and quantum computing, quantum optics, quantum control, quantum error correction, and quantum algorithms.

Ph.D. 2014, Stanford University
Selected Publications: 
  • The Kerr-Cat Qubit: Stabilization, Readout, and Gates, arXiv:1907.12131

  • Bias-preserving gates with stabilized cat qubits, arXiv:1905.00450.

  • Stabilized Cat in Driven Nonlinear Cavity: A Fault-Tolerant Error Syndrome Detector, Phys. Rev. X 9, 041009 (2019).

  • Quantum annealing with all-to-all connected nonlinear oscillators, Nature Comm. 8, 15785 (2017).

  • Engineering the quantum states of light in a Kerr-nonlinear resonator by two-photon driving, npj Quantum Information 3, 18 (2017).

  • Resonance fluorescence from an artificial atom in squeezed vacuum, Phys. Rev. X 6, 031004 (2016)

  • High-fidelity resonator-induced phase gate with single-mode squeezing, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 180501 (2016)

  • Quantum Information Processing with an asymmetric error channel, WO2020/068237
  • Quantum processor, and method of quantum processing, US10262276B2