Steven Girvin

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Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics
YQI 403
+1 (203) 432-5082
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Condensed Matter Physics; Quantum Physics
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     Dr. Girvin joined the Yale faculty in 2001, where he is Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics and Professor of Applied Physics.  From 2007 to 2017, he served as Deputy Provost for Research.  In that role, he helped oversee research and strategic planning in the basic sciences and engineering across the university.  He also helped oversee entrepreneurship, innovation and tech transfer at Yale.  In 2017, Professor Girvin stepped down from his role as Deputy Provost to return full-time to teaching and research.

     After completing his undergraduate degree in physics from Bates College, Dr. Girvin earned his Ph.D. from Princeton University and trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Indiana University and Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden.  He went on to work as a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology from 1979 to 1987, before joining the faculty of Indiana University in 1987.

     Throughout his career, Professor Girvin’s research has focused on theoretical studies of quantum many-particle systems.  Since coming to Yale, his interests have moved to atomic physics, quantum optics and quantum computation. Professor Girvin’s academic research is currently focused on ‘circuit QED,’ the quantum physics of microwave electrical circuits using superconducting Josephson junctions as artificial atoms coupled to individual microwave photons.  He works closely with the experimental team at Yale led by Michel Devoret and Robert Schoelkopf developing circuit QED into a practical architecture for construction of a quantum computer.  A particular current interest is quantum error correction using bosonic codes.

     In recognition of his research and contributions to the field, Dr. Girvin has been elected Fellow of the American Physical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and Member of the US National Academy of Sciences.  In 2007, he and his collaborators, Allan H. MacDonald and James P. Eisenstein, were awarded the Oliver E. Buckley Prize of the American Physical Society, “For fundamental experimental and theoretical research on correlated many-electron states in low dimensional systems.”  In 2017, Professor Girvin received an honorary degree from Chalmers University of Technology in recognition of his work co-developing circuit QED.

Ph.D., Princeton University, 1977
Selected Publications: 
  1. Ling Hu, Yuwei Ma, Weizhou Cai, Xianghao Mu, Yuan Xu, Weiting Wang, Yukai Wu, Haiyan Wang, Yipu Song, Changling Zou, S. M. Girvin, L-M. Duan, and Luyan Sun, Quantum error correction and universal gate set operation on a binomial bosonic logical qubit,Nature Physics 15, 503-508 (2019). DOI:10.1038/s41567-018-0414-3
  2. Yvonne Y. Gao, Brian J. Lester, Kevin Chou, Luigi Frunzio, Michel H. Devoret, Liang Jiang, S. M. Girvin, and Robert J. Schoelkopf, ‘Entanglement of Bosonic Modes through an Engineered Exchange Interaction,’ Nature 566, 509-512 (2019). DOI:10.1038/s41586-019-0970-4
  3. Christopher Axline, Luke Burkhart, Wolfgang Pfaff, Mengzhen Zhang, Kevin Chou, Philippe Campagne-Ibarcq, Philip Reinhold, Luigi Frunzio, S.M. Girvin, Liang Jiang, M.H. Devoret, R.J. Schoelkopf, ‘On-demand quantum state transfer and entanglement between remote microwave cavity memories,’ Nature Physics 14, 705-710 (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41567-018-0115-y
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  5. Marios H. Michael, Matti Silveri, R. T. Brierley, Victor V. Albert, Juha Salmilehto, Liang Jiang, and S. M. Girvin, ‘New class of quantum error-correcting codes for a bosonic mode,’ Phys. Rev. X 6, 031006 (2016). DOI:10.1103/PhysRevX.6.031006.
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