Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee (UGSAC)

The Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee (UGSAC) serves as a point of communication between undergraduate students interested in the physics major and the leadership of the department. The student representatives work with the Chair, the DUS, and the undergraduate program team on matters related to the physics major. Committee members meet at least once semester.

Karsten Heeger (Chair, co-chair)
Nikhil Padmanabhan (DUS, co-chair)
Daphne Klemme (undergraduate registrar)
Amber Young (YC’2021)
Shoumik Chowdhury (YC’2021, SPS representative)
Jean Wang (YC’2021)
Tristan Weaver (YC’2023)
Barkotel Zemenu (YC’2024)
Agastya Rana (YC’2024)
Wyatt Kremer (YC’2024)
Matthew Bruning (YC’2024)
Ayelet Kalfus (YC’2024, WiP representative)