ONEXYS for Physics

Would you like to brush up on your math before taking physics next year? Are you concerned that your math skills are rusty?  Or do you think you may not be a “physics or math person”? 

Then, “ONEXYS for Physics” might be for you.  For the third summer the Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Mathematics and Physics departments are offering an online program modeled after the ONEXYS (Online EXperiences for Yale Scholars)1 now specifically geared to current Yale students planning to take introductory physics next Fall. (i.e. PHYS 170 and PHYS 180).

Over the summer, participants in this program will study online content, including videos built by Jim Rolf of the Mathematics Department and his team, will participate in real-time discussions with other students in the program, will receive advice and mentoring from Yale students who serve as coaches, and will work a variety of problems, quizzes and other assessments to help them enhance their mathematics skills in preparation for introductory physics in the Fall. They will also get the chance to learn from Yalies who’ve already been through introductory Physics at Yale, and learn how to develop study strategies for success (e.g. working in groups, asking questions, seeking help).

The program will run for 6 weeks from late June through early August, and will involve between 5 and 10 hours work per week for participating students. Students can participate from anywhere in the world provided that they have a stable internet connection. The program is free, and participants’ performance in the course will not affect in any way their GPA.

Students who may be interested in ONEXYS for Physics should register their interest via:

Click here for survey

They will then be contacted to take an online diagnostic before admission into the program in order to pinpoint strengths and areas to work on in order to ensure a proper match between the program and each students’ math preparation.

1ONEXYS is a program for incoming freshmen (, which provides those students with structured online math training the summer before they arrive at Yale and introduce them more broadly to life at Yale.