Celebrating the Yale Physics Graduate Class of 2021

shadow graduates throwing caps from https://www.southwestjournal.com/voices/2017/05/for-the-graduates-toss-those-mortarboards-high-and-far/.
May 21, 2021

On May 21, Yale Physics celebrated the graduate class of 2021.  A list of the May 2021 Ph.D. recipients and their advisors is below.

  • Soner Albayrak (David Poland)
  • Tyler Lutz (John Wettlaufer)
  • Ryan Petersburg (Debra Fischer)
  • Mariel Pettee (Sarah Demers)
  • Daniel Seara (Michael Murrell)
  • Olivier Trottier (Jonathon Howard)
  • Christian Weber (Keith Baker)
  • Sisi Zhou (Steve Girvin)
  • Yuqi Zhu (David DeMille)

For more information on the students, please see our alumni pages.