Degree Date: December, 2021
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Han Aung
Daisuke Nagai
Postdoctoral Associate
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Research Website
Cosmology and Astrophysics with Dark Matter and Gaseous Halos
Multi-wavelength astronomical surveys promise to provide unprecedented data on dark matter halos from galactic to cluster scales in the coming decade. One of the new frontiers lies in studies of intracluster medium (ICM) and circumgalactic medium (CGM) for cosmology and galaxy formation. In this work, we will combine cosmological and idealized simulations to study the non-linear growth of structures and the effects of small scale astrophysics in the realistic cosmological settings. Specifically... more
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Kelly Backes
Steve Lamoreaux
Quantum Sensor and Security Specialist
MITRE Corporation
A quantum-enhanced search for dark matter axions
Almost a century after the dark matter problem was first posed, dark matter’s expectedly minute experimental signature continues to elude direct detection and remains one of the most profound mysteries in fundamental physics. The QCD axion serves as a potential solution to the dark matter problem as well as an entirely unrelated problem in fundamental physics: the strong charge-parity (CP) problem of quantum chromodynamics. The detection of these dark matter axions is made difficult by... more
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Daniel Berkowitz
George Fleming/Vincent Moncrief
The Development of Mathematical Methods for Tackling Problems in Non-Perturbative Quantum Field Theory, Cosmology, and Gravity
We have extended two recently developed theoretical methods, the Quantum Finite Elements (QFE) and the Euclidean-signature semi-classical method (ESSCM). The QFE is a technique for constructing lattice field theories (LFTs) on curved Riemannian manifolds. We extended the applicability of the QFE to formulating LFTs on certain three dimensional Riemannian manifolds such as the 3-sphere. This was done by first constructing a novel simplicial approximation to the 3-sphere. Then, after correctly... more
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Stephen Eltinge
Sohrab Ismail-Beigi
Postdoctoral Associate
BCT 323
Ab Initio Insights Into Substrate Effects, Structural Identification, and Excitonic States in 2D Materials
The 21st century has seen enormous growth in the study of two-dimensional (2D) materials, beginning with the isolation of graphene but rapidly expanding to include a wide variety of other compounds. Due to their size, 2D materials have immediate appeal for applications in nanoscale electronics. At the same time, uniquely low-dimensional phenomena such as the quantum spin Hall effect, quantum confinement, and 2D superconductivity are of interest to basic physics researchers. This dissertation... more
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Paul Fanto
Yoram Alhassic
Research Staff Member
Institute for Defense Analyses -- System Evaluation Division
Statistical properties of nuclei: beyond the mean-field approximation
The statistical model of compound-nucleus reactions has important applications in fundamental nuclear science, nuclear astrophysics, and nuclear technology. This model relies on two theoretical areas: (i) statistical reaction theory, which describes the compound nucleus with the Gaussian orthogonal ensemble (GOE) of random-matrix theory; and (ii) statistical properties of nuclei, i.e., nuclear structure observables that determine statistical-model predictions of reaction rates. The GOE... more
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Jeremy Gaison
Karsten Heeger
Linus Pauling Postdoctoral Fellow
National Laboratory
Measurement of the Reactor Antineutrino Spectrum of U-235 by PROSPECT and Daya Bay
Since their experimental discovery over 60 years ago, neutrinos have proven to be a fascinating means of exploring the physical universe. Through a variety of both natural and man-made sources, physicists have discovered many unusual features about these particles from their oscillation between their different flavor states to their particularly small mass. There are still many questions to answer regarding these fundamental particles, though. Among these questions is whether a possible fourth... more
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Sheridan Green
Frank van den Bosch
Quantitave Strategist
Susquehanna International Group
Research Website
The tidal evolution of dark matter substructure and the significance of halo-to-halo assembly history variance
Accurately predicting the abundance and structural evolution of dark matter subhaloes is crucial for understanding galaxy formation, large-scale structure, and constraining the nature of dark matter. Due to the nonlinear nature of subhalo evolution, cosmological N-body simulations remain its primary method of investigation. Subhaloes in such simulations have recently been shown to still be heavily impacted by artificial disruption, diminishing the information content (at small scales) of the... more
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Connor Hann
Steven Girvin
Research Scientist
Amazon Web Services Center for Quantum Computing
Practicality of Quantum Random Access Memory
Quantum computers are expected to revolutionize the world of computing, but major challenges remain to be addressed before this potential can be realized. One such challenge is the so-called data-input bottleneck: Even though quantum computers can quickly solve certain problems by rapidly analyzing large data sets, it can be difficult to load this data into a quantum computer in the first place. In order to quickly load large data sets into quantum states, a highly-specialized device called a... more
Naim Goksel Karacayli's picture
Naim Goksel Karacayli
Nikhil Padmanabhan
Postdoctoral Scholar
The Ohio State University
Improving the Cosmic Statistics of Neutral Hydrogen
The study of the large-scale cosmological structure seeks to understand the makings and the evolution of the universe. In this subject, I worked on improving current techniques and their application to the existing large, high-precision cosmological data sets. Specifically, my dissertation explores boosting power spectrum measurements at large scales for 21-cm intensity maps through reconstruction, and at small scales for Lyman-alpha Forest by developing and applying the optimal estimator to... more
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Sangjae Lee
Charles Ahn
Postdoctoral Assoicate
Seoul National University
Physics of the Electronic Structure and Collective Excitations in Transition Metal Compounds
In condensed matter systems novel phenomena such as superconductivity and magnetism can emerge from an intricate interplay between the materials lattice, spin, charge, and orbital degrees of freedom. Understanding how the structural and electronic degrees of freedom are coupled in transition metal compounds is crucial not only from the viewpoint of fundamental condensed matter physics, but also to establish a potential groundwork for substantial technological advancement through the discovery... more
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Jingping Li
Walter Goldberger
Postdoctoral Assoicate
Carnegie Mellon University
The Wordline Effective Field Theory of Spinning Gravitational Sources
The advent of gravitational wave physics has raised great interest in efficient calculations of gravitational dynamics. In particular, the worldline effective field theory (EFT) has proven to be powerful for describing the dynamics of compact binary inspirals. In this thesis, we report on progress in this method on including rotating gravitational sources. It has been shown that a connection exists between the radiative amplitudes from spinless classical sources in Yang-Mills theory and dilaton... more
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Luis Saldana
Karsten Heeger
Postdoctoral Associate (Heeger)
WLC 254B
Novel Signal Reconstruction Techniques in Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy for Neutrino Mass Measurement
The Project 8 experiment is developing Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy (CRES) on the β-decay spectrum of tritium for the measurement of the absolute neutrino mass scale. CRES is a frequency-based technique which aims to probe the endpoint of the tritium energy spectrum with a final target sensitivity of 0.04 eV, pushing the limits beyond the inverted mass hierarchy. A phased-approach experiment, both Phase I and Phase II efforts use a combination of 83mKr and molecular... more
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Andrew Shim
Owen Miller

Probing the Upper Limits to Light–Matter Interactions: from Spontaneous Emission to Superresolution
As newly emerging optical devices and metamaterials inundate the photonics community, there is a growing need to understand the limits to device performance. Are current state-of-the-art designs already near the frontiers of what is possible, or can they be further improved with better technology? Addressing such broad, foundational questions calls for a new paradigm, a novel approach to explore the unimaginably vast, physically allowed design space. In this thesis, we will establish... more
Degree Date: May, 2021
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Soner Albayrak
David Poland
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Amsterdam
Analytic Studies of Fermions in Conformal Bootstrap
In this thesis, we analyze unitary conformal field theories in three dimensional spaces via analytic techniques of conformal bootstrap program through correlation functions of nonscalar operators, in particular Majorana fermions. Via the analysis of these correlation functions, we access several sectors in the spectrum of conformal field theories that have been previously unexplored with analytic methods, and we provide new data for several operator families. In the first part of the thesis, we... more
Tyler Lutz's picture
Tyler Lutz
John Wettlaufer
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter/postdoc
Universiät Magdeburg
Frictional, Large-Deformation Poroelastic Flow: Theory and Experiments
Fluid flow through deformable, porous materials is seemingly ubiquitous in the natural world---spanning length scales from the cellular to the planetary---and offers a phenomenologically rich setting in which to study the generally nonlinear coupling between solid- and fluid-mechanics in multiphase materials. As much as we might like to study such flows in strict isolation from their environment, this thesis argues that properly accounting for forces that arise on the boundaries of such flows... more