Wright Lab welcomes 2024 summer student researchers

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June 6, 2024

On June 3, Yale Wright Laboratory (Wright Lab) officially welcomed the 69 participants of the 2024 Summer Student Research Program at Wright Lab, which runs for eight weeks, from June 2-July 26, 2024.

All student researchers working at Wright Lab (WL), the Yale Physics Department, the Yale Astronomy Department, the Yale Quantum Institute (YQI),  and those in certain associated programs at Hopkins Authentic Research Program in Science (HARPS), NCA&T (QISE Scholars), SCSU (Werth IAF/Quantum Pie), and QuantumCT during the summer of 2024 were invited to join the program.

The programming is designed to provide training opportunities in the physical sciences, technology, and scientific instrumentation by providing hands on research and mentoring experiences; technical and professional development training workshops; immersion in the local, national, and international research communities, and the opportunity to participate in and/or lead outreach activities.  At the end of the program, each student will give a final presentation on their summer’s work to mentors, peers, and the community.

The Summer Student Research Program at Wright Lab is an annual program, sponsored by Wright Lab since 2018.  In 2022, the program expanded and is now co-sponsored along with Yale Astronomy, Yale Physics, and YQI. The program is coordinated by Victoria Misenti, Wright Lab program manager; Florian Carle, YQI manager; and Robert Zinn, professor of astronomy, with logistical support from Yale Physics administrative staff members Monique Ancion and Sage Hampton, and YQI events coordinator Amy Badner.  

full list of this year’s program offerings can be found here.

This story has been  adapted from the Wright Lab news story of June 6, 2024 by Victoria Misenti. See  below  for related links.

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