The CuWiP Experience at Yale

people doing workshop
On a blustery Friday afternoon in January, nearly 200 undergraduate women seeking degrees in physics arrived at the Sloane Physics Laboratory on the Yale University campus, full of excitement for the coming weekend. Over the next two days, attendees would have the chance to network with their peers, hear from accomplished women in physics, and gather resources for their future physics careers.  See the full article in APS News and a related piece on our Wright Lab website.

Amistad High School students intern at Yale Physics

Three students from the Achievement First Amistad High School in New Haven, Shaniah Artis, Lyzet Campos (both rising seniors), and Juan Olivar (a rising junior), experienced a week-long internship program with the Yale University Department of Physics.  The summer internship was part of the curriculum for their school.  See the article about their day at Wright Lab’s Advanced Prototyping Center for more information.

Yale Pathways to Science students discover the invisible universe at Wright Lab

Since early 2018, Wright Lab has been partnering with Yale Pathways to Science to provide hands-on-experiences to New-Haven-area middle school and high school students at a variety of events, ranging from a half-day program with rotations of hands-on activities led by Wright Lab researchers, to one hour tours of the lab facilities, interacting with researchers in their labs for the Summer Scholars enrichment program.

Girls Science Investigations

Girls’ Science Investigations is a free program for girls in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade who are interested in learning more about science, organized by the Yale Department of Physics. Its mission is to motivate, empower, and interest girls in developing the skills they need to pursue careers in science. Yale researchers act as mentors and provide a context for exploring and understanding the various disciplines of science through hands-on activities in a laboratory environment.

Yale Physics graduate students develop SpinWheel: the colorful wearable programming kit for STEM outreach

group of scientists As part of Yale’s Society of Women Engineers, Wright Lab graduate students Emily Kuhn and Samantha Pagan have developed a STEM education kit called “SpinWheel,” which teaches computer science and physics through an art medium.  Discover more.

Fleming collaborates in the composition of MicroBooNE music

screenshot of talk on microboone music Wright Lab’s professor of physics Bonnie Fleming has collaborated in the composition of a new piece of music called “MicroBooNE” by David Ibbett, the first composer-in-residence at Fermilab, through a series of discussions with the composer about the science of the Micro Booster Neutrino Experiment (MicroBooNE), which is the inspiration for the piece. Read more.

Kuhn explains the physics of gymnastics for WIRED

scientist in front of blackboard and gymnast doing flip

Wright Lab graduate student Emily Kuhn is a former level 10 gymnast who is now studying for her Ph.D. in physics at Yale.  She explains the physics of gymnastics in a video for WIRED called “The Physics Behind Gymnastics, Explained (Vaults, Tumbles and Flips)”. 

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