Statement of Principles

Our Shared Values

Diversity leads to a more productive, safe, and stimulating work place. All members of the Physics Department and our visitors are expected to be respectful of differing identities and viewpoints, and conduct themselves in a professional manner and with integrity at all times while in, or otherwise representing, the department. We commit to fostering an inclusive community that promotes well-being, safety, belonging, and quality of life of all members of the Physics Department.  In addition to the policies applicable to all Yale members, the Physics Department holds itself to these principles.


We continually strive to make our department a place that respects people with diverse backgrounds and values each others’ creativity.


We commit to actively engage in creating a supportive and safe environment. Criticism and praise are professional and constructive.


We carry out our work with honesty and with the highest standards. We shall not commit scientific or academic misconduct, defined as plagiarism, fabrication, or falsification.


Our community actively includes all, enhancing collaboration and promoting our common mission to advance the frontiers of knowledge.

Reporting & Resolving Incidents

Behaviors that conflict with these principles -including harassment and discrimination -undermine our shared goal of cultivating an inclusive and productive community, where everyone can thrive. We are committed to pursuing measures to address unacceptable behaviors when they occur, to support those impacted, and to prevent future occurrences.

Accordingly, we want to make sure that anyone who experiences or witnesses unacceptable behaviors is aware that they can contact the Chair, their supervisor or manager, the DGS or DUS, the Chair of the Climate and Diversity Committee, or the Office of Institutional Equity and Access. Additionally, all faculty and others who supervise students should be aware of their reporting expectations under Title IX. Finally, we want to make clear that retaliation for bringing complaints of inappropriate behavior is a violation of University policy and our departmental values.


This Statement of Principles was approved by the faculty after a Department-wide conversation organized by the Chair and the Climate and Diversity Committee. All members of the department are expected to follow these principles.