Climate and Diversity Committee

Climate and Diversity Committee

Do you have concerns about , or comments or suggestions on how to improve the climate and diversity of the Physics Department?

You can reach all the committee members at:  physics-cdc AT mailman dot yale dot edu

Mission Statement 

The Mission of the Climate and Diversity Committee is to support  the Department’s goals to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for every member of our community.  We are  committed to creating a work place whose core principles are based on diversity, equity, and inclusion for every staff member, student and faculty as we strive to obtain our goals of excellence in research, teaching, and mentoring.


By seeking to identify resources and best practice activities available both within the Department, University  and beyond the Climate and Diversity Committee works to enhance professional climate and diversity of the Physics Department.  Importantly, the Committee members will help to identify  resources for any member of the Department when challenges arise.

The committee welcomes input from all members of the department on any issue related to  climate or diversity in the department.  Please see below for this year’s membership.

Members of the committee understand that these discussions may be very sensitive.  To the extent allowed by University policy and the law we will protect confidentiality, including withholding information from other committee members if necessary.  In particular, faculty and other members of the committee with supervisory roles must report instances of sexual harassment  to the Yale Title IX office; all members of our community have a duty to report sexual assault.

Harassment Resources

This page provides a variety of links and resources available at Yale and elsewhere that may be useful if you are being harrased at Yale and/or want to report witnessing  harrasment  of/by another Departmemt member.

Climate and Diversity Committee Membership (2023-24):

Rona Ramos (Chair)
Ben Machta
Laura Havener
Karsten Heeger (department chair, ex officio)