Physics Department Sustainability

Being Green in the Physics Department at Yale University

The Physics Department has made great strides in being environmentally conscious. Sarah Jane Compton and Lawrence Cerrito became sustainability leaders for our department in 2008. In October 2008 the Green Team for Physics was started consisting of representatives from each building.

Departmental Green Efforts & Goals

The Physics Department has made great progress in sustainability. We currently participate in recycling pens through Yale’s “Pen Pail Brigade” with company Terracycle where $.02 is donated to UNITED WAY for each pen collected and we have developed a working relationship with the Yale Sustainable Food Project by donating our coffee grounds bi-weekly to the farm. Recently we hosted “Recycle to Win It” as part of Sustainability week 2014. Our three current goals for the current academic year are to

a. reduce paper usage 25% by 2015

b. reduce the number of staff who use single occupancy vehicles for their commute 1-3% by 2015

c. reduce waste by 25% by 2015

Past Certifications

For information regarding out past certification efforts click here.


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