Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Department of Physics
Yale University
P.O. Box 208120
New Haven, CT 06520-8120

Shipping Address:

Department of Physics
Yale University
266 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511

Street Address:
Department of Physics
Yale University
217 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511-8499

Main phone: (203) 432-3650
Main fax: (203) 432-6175

Chair’s office

Karsten Heeger, Chair
Maria Foley, Asst. to Chair
Phone: (203) 432-3651
Email: karsten.heeger (at)

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Simon Mochrie, Professor of Physics
Phone: (203) 436-4809

Email: dus.physics (at)

Undergraduate Registrar

Daphne Klemme, Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: (203) 432-3601
Email: daphne.klemme (at)

Director of Graduate Studies

Bonnie Fleming, Professor of Physics
Phone: (203) 432-3235

Email: dgs.physics (at)

Director of Graduate Admissions

Keith Baker, Professor of Physics
Phone: (203) 432-3374
Email: oliver.baker (at)

Steve Lamoreaux, Professor of Physics
Phone: (203) 432-5276
Email: Steve.lamoreaux (at )

Graduate Registrar

Susan dos Santos, Graduate Registrar
Phone: (203) 432-3605
Email: susan.dossantos (at)

Director of Postdoctoral Affairs

John Harris, Professor of Physics
Phone: (203) 432-6106
Email: john.harris (at)

Physics Business Office

Hannah Carroll, Department Manager
Phone: (203) 436-3602
Email: hannah.carroll (at)