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Chiara Mingarelli, “Reaching across the centuries, these seminal science books speak volumes”

At a recent “pop-up” exhibit, Yale physics students took a closer look at more than a dozen trailblazing tomes by Galileo, Newton, Kepler, and others.

Larry Gladney, Phyllis Wallace Dean of Diversity and Faculty Development in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Physics,  and Priya Natarjan, Joseph S. and Sophia S. Fruton Professor of Astronomy and Professor of Physics, are featured in the video, “Curiosity-driven science research” featured in Yale News on September 5, 2023.

Many of the greatest scientific leaps in history were unplanned and unexpected, not the result of applied or agenda-driven scientific research but of curiosity-driven research in which scholars follow their curiosity where it leads them. Curiosity-driven research not only expands our understanding of the world, it underpins virtually all applied research, innovation, and technological development. When researchers in Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences follow their curiosity, it takes them down unexplored pathways, for the benefit of future generations.


John Harris, D. Allan Bromley Professor Emeritus of Physics at Yale, was featured in a segment for ESPN that aired on ABC on April 9, 2022 at the beginning of the broadcast of a National Hockey League game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals.
Charles Brown featured in World Quantum Day video from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Physics Club

Gianfranco Bertone, University of Amsterdam and Columbia University, “Gravitational Wave Probes of Dark Matter”

Tatyana Sharpee, Salk Institute, “Hyperbolic geometry and informationn acquisition in biological systems”

Eugenio Coccia, Institute for High Energy Physics & Gran Sasso Science Institute, “The Einstein Telescope”

Aaron Zimmerman, University of Texas at Austin “Gravitational waves and searching for the unexpected”

Roger Melko, University of Waterloo & Perimeter Institute, “Language Models for Quantum Simulation”

Timothy Gay, University of Nebraska, “The Physics of Football”