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Physics Club

Ashvin Vishwanath, Harvard, “More and Different: Novel Quantum Phases in Moire’ Lattices”

Benjamin Nachman, Lawrence Berekley National Laboratory, “Machine Learning for Fundamental Physics”

Host: Ian Moult

David Kaplan, Johns Hopkins University, “A Modification of Quantum Mechanics”

Tracy Slatyer, MIT, “What Can Galactic Gamma Rays Tell Us About Dark Matter?”

Host: Ian Moult

Manuel Endres, Caltech, “Creating entangled quantum systems using tweezer arrays”

Host: Nir Navon


Shu-Heng Shao, Stony Brook University, Generalized Global Symmetries

Host: Ian Moult

Karsten Heeger, Yale University, “Department Welcome 2022”
Host: Laura Newburgh (

Aaron Chou, Fermilab, Quantum Computers as Dark matter Detectors

Host: Helen Caines

Berndt Mueller, Duke University, “RHIC: A Physics Facility for the New Millennium”.

Berndt Mueller, Duke University & Yale University, “The Thermal Physics of “Empty” Space”. Host: Helen Caines