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Physics Club

Michael Zaletel, University of California Berkeley, “Electrically charged skyrmions and superconductivity”. Host: Leonid Glazman

Yu He, Yale University, “Breaking a metal via low dimensional fluctuations”. Host: Eduardo Higino da Silva Neto

Elisabeth Krause, University of Arizona, “Large-Scale Structure Cosmology in the Systematics-Limited Regime”
Christian Santangelo, Syracuse University, “The singular physics of origami and mechanisms”

Nathan Seiberg, Institute of Advanced Study, “Quantum Field Theory and Beyond”

Yangyang Cheng, Paul Tsai China Center, Yale Law School, "Old Divisions and New Realms: Physics Across Borders"
Joerg Bewersdorf, Yale University, "Biological Microscopy Beyond the Diffraction Limit of Light"
Jim Napolitano, Temple University, "Precision Electroweak Experiments at GeV Energies"
Henriette Elvang, University of Michigan, "A Modern View of Scattering Amplitudes"
Gary Brudvig, Yale University, "Yale Energy Sciences Institute"