2022 Physics Undergraduate Prize Winners

Top left to bottom right: Amanda Butler, Sarah Dickson, Luke Grossman, Matt King, Jean Wang, and Laura Zhou. Missing from picture are Yiming Zhang, Pablo Garza, and Daniel Qenani.
May 24, 2022

Congratulations to Amanda Butler (Physics-Intensive, advisor: Daisuke Nagai), Sarah Dickson (Physics-Intensive, advisor: David Moore), Pablo Garza (Physics, Advisor: Steve Lamoreaux), Luke Grossman (Physics, advisor: Nir Navon), Matt King (Physics-Intensive, advisor: Bonnie Fleming), Daniel Qenani (Physics-Intensive, advisor: Keith Baker), Jean Wang (Physics-Intensive, advisors: Steve Girvin and Reina Maruyama), and Laura Zhou (Physics-Intensive, advisor: Reina Maruyama) for winning the Howard L. Schultz Prize for being an outstanding senior in the Physics department. 

Congratulations to Yiming Zhang (Physics-Intensive, advisor: Jack Harris) for winning the Deforest Pioneers prize for distinguished creative achievement in physics. This prize is awarded by the Yale Office of the Secretary.